OpenAIRE webinar: Open Access in Horizon 2020 (19 October 2015)

All projects receiving Horizon 2020 funding will have the obligation to make sure any peer-reviewed journal article that they publish is openly accessible, free of charge.

Ensuring Open Access to publications may come with many question: what to deposit and where, how to ensure access, what are the implications of Open Access and how can it help my research?

OpenAIRE aims to facilitate the road to Open Access and to provide information and tools on compliance with the Horizon 2020 Open Access policy. To inform you about the Horizon 2020 Open Access policy novelties and how to comply with it, we will host a webinar on Monday the 19th of October, 12.00 CET.

Join us for an overview of what Open Access entails, how to comply with the European Commission’s Open Access policy and what support OpenAIRE can provide.

The webinar, presented by Inge Van Nieuwerburgh from the University of Ghent, will address the following topics:

*   Open revisited & Open Access
*   OA policy development in H2020
*   Open Access in Horizon 2020
*   What does OpenAIRE offer?
*   How can OpenAIRE help?

There will be time to ask question about Open Access, the Open Access to publications mandate in Horizon 2020<; and how to comply.

Date: 19 October 2015

Time: 11:00 BST

How to register: please register here: google.form<;

How to participate: go to and enter the password: 1910

All you will need is an internet-connected computer with sound (and maybe headphones if you are in a busy room). To check if your computer will be able to access the session successfully, please go to:;;

For more information send an email to


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